Big Day in Frisco For Republic Property Group

PC logoToday was the official Realtor Luncheon at Phillips Creek Ranch.  Republic Property Group (the developer out of Dallas) treated us to lunch, and they made an exciting announcement that 28 homes have already been sold this first month.  That’s pretty good considering only 3 of the 9 builders officially have models open so far! Jake Wagner, VP, says “Phillips Creek Ranch is almost 1,000 acres.  This has been 5 years in the making.”

I think we are all very excited.  Prices in new construction have virtually been at a stand still for the last 7 years as well as pre-owned homes.  I’ve heard that new construction prices could rise as much as 8% in 2013.  If this happens, it will also pull the value of our current homes up too!  On that same token, get in while the gettin’s good!  Home prices went up in Phillips Creek Ranch once already, $3,000 or more per home on average.  The market is demanding it.

Jeron Howell, Keller Williams Frisco Stars, Phone 469-323-2366,

Click here to sell your home.

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